Control Plugs

Control plug for robotic MIG welding guns

Control plugs (or trigger cables or leads) transmit an on/off signal from the MIG gun trigger to the wire feeder. A variety of control plugs and leads are available for your MIG welding guns.

Part Numbers

For Hobart® Feeder Connections

419-4for models: Hobart BETA-MIG 261, Olympic 22-P, Olympic VS, Ironman 210, 250, 275
419-8for models: BETA-MIG (New Style), BETA-MIG 250 and 251, Dual Feeder, Digital 2000, Dual Digital, Porta Feed 17, Ultra Feed 1000, 19, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2410, Handler, Oscawa, Hefty, CV/CC, MIG-MAN, Porta-Wire, Model 17. 2000, 2400 (Large Pin), 27, 27A, Dualmatic 27/70, H3S, H4S, H6S, 44, 45, 70, 70S, SP100, BETA-MIG 250 (Old Style), MEGA-CONDS

For Lincoln® Feeder Connections

419-4for models: Powerwave C300
419-6for models: LN7, LN8, LN9, LN22, LN25
419-8for models: Suitcase, IdealARC

For Miller® Feeder Connections

419-4for models: Cricket, Intellimatic, Sidekick, D-51A, Millermatic 35 (1980 and Newer) 90, 120, 130,135, 150, 175, 185, 200, 210, 212, 250,251, 250MP AND 300, 350P, MM90, New Automatic 1, PortoMIG, S-21, S-21E, 22A, S32P, S-42GL, S-52A, S-54A, S-62A, Swing ARC-Dual, Swing ARC-Single, S-32S, 52D, 54D, 52E, 54E, Sidekick, Shop Master 300, 22 Series, ALL 60 Series, 70 Series, Millermatic 130XP, Challenger 172, 185, Vintage, and 250X, Suitcase 8VS & 12VS, Porto-MIG, Swing Arc, R115, DeltaWeld, Miller Axcess

For Panasonic® Feeder Connections

419-4for models: Panasonic, Gun Slinger 260

For Powcon® Feeder Connections

419-8for models: PD1, PD2

Part Numbers

SCT1Nfor Hobart feeder connections
SCL1Nfor Lincoln feeder connections
SCX1Nfor L-Tec® feeder connections
SCT1Nfor National® feeder connections
SCX1Nfor OXO™ feeder connections
SCT1Nfor Tweco® #4 / Tweco #5 feeder connections
SCL1Nfor Tweco #4 / Tweco #5 feeder connections – Lincoln
SCX1Nfor Tweco #4 / Tweco #5 feeder connections – ESAB®