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  • A Fresh Look for Bernard® and Tregaskiss®
    We’re thrilled to announce that Bernard® and Tregaskiss® have undergone an exciting brand refresh. As of today, you will notice our updated logos and visual branding on our website, social media channels, and promotional items. This change marks a significant step forward in our journey to enhance our brands’ presence and commitment to excellence in the welding industry.
  • Extending the Life of Welding Guns and Consumables
    Extending the Life of Welding Guns and Consumables Mastering preventive maintenance, timely consumable replacements, and proper liner trimming are key to prolonging the lifetime of MIG welding equipment. Discover proactive measures to follow for enhancing durability and performance while decreasing downtime, boosting productivity, and cutting operating costs by reading our full article in the March […]
  • 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a MIG Welding Gun
    5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a MIG Welding Gun MIG welding is considered one of the easiest welding processes to learn and is useful for a variety of applications and industries. To maximize the benefits this versatile process offers, it is imperative to select the right MIG gun for the job. Choosing the right MIG gun […]
  • Ways to Save More Money With a Robotic Welding System
    Ways to Save More Money With a Robotic Welding System More and more welding operations are investing in robotic welding systems to gain a competitive edge. Such systems not only deliver fine-tuned programming to ensure the accuracy, speed and repeatability needed for generating high-quality welds, they also further productivity and efficiency for an operation. Along […]
  • Five Equipment Adjustments to Improve Weld Quality
    Five Equipment Adjustments to Improve Weld Quality Regardless of your skill level, you need to make sure that the equipment you use, works as hard as you do. Consider these components of your welding system to help weld conistency. Could it be time to take a good look at your equipment? Read our article published […]
  • Choosing Between Robots and Cobots for Robotic Welding
    Choosing Between Robots and Cobots for Robotic Welding Tregaskiss designed its BA1 cobot welding gun to help companies gain the most from their cobot. Learn how to recognize the key nuances between two welding-automation options, robots and cobots and how knowing these differences are essential to attain positive results. Have you ever wondered about the […]
  • South Louisiana Community College Chooses Bernard® Semi-Automatic MIG Welding Guns and AccuLock™ Consumables for Welding Education | Customer Testimonial
    South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) has made a game-changing decision to enhance its welding education program by incorporating Bernard semi-automatic welding guns and AccuLock consumables into its classrooms. This shift marks a significant departure from the MIG guns and consumables they had been using for decades. Please accept preferences, statistics, marketing cookies to watch this […]
  • Understand the Truth About These 7 Robotic Welding Myths
    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Speed, accuracy, repeatability — welding automation boasts some big benefits. Using robots across a myriad of manufacturing applications has been a boon to the welding industry, but it hasn’t come without its fair share of misconceptions. Accepting those misconceptions could actually negate those big benefits — and no one has […]
  • Self-Shielded Gun Performance
    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Self-shielded flux-cored welding is frequently used for structural construction and other jobsite welding since it offers a significant productivity advantage compared to stick welding.  Welders using this process are likely holding their welding guns for much of the day, and they may be standing on elevated girders or lifts trying […]
  • Bernard® and Tregaskiss® offer welding solutions at FABTECH 2023
    Bernard® and Tregaskiss® offer welding solutions at FABTECH 2023 Tregaskiss and Bernard, manufacturer of semi-automatic, fixed automatic, cobot and robotic MIG welding guns, consumables and peripherals exhibited at FABTECH 2023, September 11-14 in Chicago. FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event that brings over 1,500 world-class suppliers worldwide together in […]
  • Best Practices For Weld Cell Layout
    Today, even the smallest weld shops are making the jump to robotics, and even the largest, highly automated OEMs likely have semiautomatic weld cells for repairs or for welding parts that don’t lend themselves to automation. In automotive manufacturing, these manual cells may be midway through the line for welding frames or at the end […]
  • Proper Robotic Welding Gun Configuration
    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes The welding gun is a vital piece of equipment in a robotic welding system, serving as the conduit for the welding wire, gas, and power. However, it can sometimes be an afterthought when companies implement an automated welding solution. Unfortunately, this oversight can lead to a host of problems, not […]
  • MIG Welding FAQ: Best Practices for MIG Success
    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes MIG is the most frequently used welding process in general manufacturing and fabrication, thanks to its ease of use, versatility, and productivity benefits. While MIG is widely used, some operations may still run into issues that require troubleshooting. Understanding the basics of MIG welding and following best practices for operator […]
  • Upfront Cost vs. Total Cost of Ownership of MIG Guns and Consumables
    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes While it may be tempting for companies to purchase MIG welding guns and welding consumables based on price, lower upfront costs don’t always add up to savings. Less expensive products often lack in quality and bring risk to the profitability of the welding operation. This can come in the form […]
  • Employee Training: Best Practices for Preparing New Welders
    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Given the industry statistics regarding the number of experienced welders who are retiring from the field, many companies are likely training more new welders than ever before. By 2023, the nation’s workforce will need over 375,000 welders to satisfy the demands of several industries. [1] Welding is obviously a hands-on skill, […]
  • Making a MIG Gun Last in Harsh Manufacturing Environments
    Whether it’s a high amperage application, high or low ambient temperatures, or humidity, harsh manufacturing environments can be tough on welding equipment — including MIG guns and consumables. Confined, cluttered or dirty weld cells can also negatively affect this equipment.  Whether it’s a high amperage application, high or low ambient temperatures, or humidity, harsh manufacturing […]
  • Using Root Cause Analysis to Address Welding Consumable Issues
    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Troubleshooting problems with welding consumables can be time-consuming and expensive. From the associated downtime to the cost of replacing contact tips, diffusers, nozzles and liners, companies stand to lose productivity and potentially miss production goals.  Applying root cause tools can help expedite the process of consumable troubleshooting. These are structured […]
  • Welder Training Tips to Help Improve Productivity
    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Improving productivity in semi-automatic operations isn’t simply about welding faster and working harder. Instead, there are ways to create consistency in the process and support quality so that companies can avoid downtime that adversely affects throughput.  When training new welders, it’s important to provide a solid foundation of knowledge to […]
  • At a Glance: Cobots and the BA1 Cobot MIG Gun
    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Companies today continue to face a shortage of qualified welders, but the demand for product has stayed the same — or in many cases, increased. Turning to new solutions to keep up with production can help keep the welding operation running smoothly and quickly.  Tregaskiss designed its BA1 cobot welding […]
  • 5 Tips for Improving Weld Quality
    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes Establishing consistent levels of weld quality is important for attaining production goals and a better bottom line in semi-automatic welding operations. However, there are many factors that can negatively impact those efforts, including a lack of skilled labor, inadequate or aging equipment or using the wrong welding consumables.  Supervisors and […]

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