Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Guns

Bernard offers two lines of self-shielded flux-cored welding guns to choose from, one with a fixed power cable liner and the other with a replaceable power cable liner.

Not sure which FCAW gun is right for you?

Use the chart below to determine the right tool for the job.

IronPro 450 amp short and long neck FCAW gunDura-Flux self-shielded flux-cored gun with replaceable power cable linerDura-Flux self-shielded flux-cored gun with fixed power cable liner
FeaturesNEW! IronPro™
Self-Shielded Gun
Dura-Flux Gun with
Replaceable Power Cable Liner
Dura-Flux Gun wtih
Fixed Power Cable Liner
Internal trigger leadsYesYesNo
Replaceable linerYesYesNo
Fixed linerNoNoYes
Optional dual schedule switchNoYesNo
Hi-Viz™ neckNoYesNo
AccuLock™ S contact tipsYesNoNo
Centerfire™ contact tipsNoYesNo
Quik Tip™ contact tipsNoNoYes
Wire size range5/64″ (2.0 mm) – 3/32″
(2.4 mm)
0.045″ (1.2 mm) – 5/64″ (2.0 mm)1/16″ (1.6 mm) – 3/32″ (2.4 mm)
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