Construction & Infrastructure

View of steel girders on a construction site from ground level

Achieving the triple project constraints of quality, time, and cost is crucial to your success as a Steel Erector and Infrastructure Contractor. With increasing client demands, regulatory complexity, skilled welder shortage and jobsite safety requirements, you are looking for construction products and vendors who can help you maximize productivity and deliver world-class quality work on schedule and to cost.

You can count on Tregaskiss and Bernard as your partners in delivering your construction project. Since 1954, when we were the first to perfect the Dual Shield welding process (now known as Flux Core Arc Welding), we have been providing industry leading innovative, rugged and long-lasting welding guns and consumables for the steel erection and infrastructure construction industry. From our Best-of-the-Best™ (BTB) MIG guns for shop fabrication to our Dura-Flux™ Self Shielded guns for field erection and our long life Common Consumable Platform™, our solutions are built to deliver world-class quality every time, and with increased productivity.