How to Install QUICK LOAD Liners When Replacing Conventional Liners

1. Remove the protective cap from the new QUICK LOAD® Liner.

How To Install or Replace a QUICK LOAD Liner, initial installation only step 1

2. Install this liner from the back of the MIG gun with retainer attached (using the same procedure as installing a conventional liner). Future replacements will be done from the front. (Refer to How to Replace QUICK LOAD Liners).

How To Install or Replace a QUICK LOAD Liner, for initial installation only, step 2

3. IMPORTANT! Push liner back into neck and use the Liner Gauge provided to pinch and hold it in place. Use this Liner Guage to trim liner as follows:

  • For 6-ft liner lengths and shorter: trim with a 1/2″ (13 mm) stick out (BLUE Liner Gauge provided).
  • For liner lengths longer than 6 feet: trim with a 3/4″ (20 mm) stick out (Black Liner Gauge provided).
Diagram that shows were to trim in relation tot he liner gauge on a Quick Load liner

4. Feed wire through the QUICK LOAD Liner.

5. Reinstall the consumables.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Liners trimmed too long or too short can cause serious wire feeding problems. Be sure to use your Liner Gauge as instructed to trim the liner to the correct stick out.

 INS041 REV H  12/16