Video | QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength Introduction

Please accept preferences, statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video. Learn about the innovative QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength from Tregaskiss. QUICK LOAD liner installs through the front of the MIG gun in less than half the time required to install a conventional liner. Increases production uptime, provides cost savings and ensures operator safety.


How to Replace QUICK LOAD Liners Into Retainer or AutoLength Pin

1. Remove consumables (nozzle, contact tip and retaining head). 2. Pull the existing QUICK LOAD™ Liner from the neck using pliers. 3. Remove the protective cap from the new QUICK LOAD Liner. 4. Insert the QUICK LOAD Liner through the neck using the wire as a guide. Push the QUICK LOAD Liner in using short […]


How to Install QUICK LOAD Liners When Replacing Conventional Liners

1. Remove the protective cap from the new QUICK LOAD® Liner. 2. Install this liner from the back of the MIG gun with retainer attached (using the same procedure as installing a conventional liner). Future replacements will be done from the front. (Refer to How to Replace QUICK LOAD Liners). 3. IMPORTANT! Push liner back […]