Clamps and Mounting Arms

Built tough, TOUGH GUN® clamps and mounting arms from Tregaskiss are machined from solid extruded aluminum alloy so they won’t bend or break.

Engineered to fit the TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun, these clamps and mounting arms provide a wide bearing surface for optimum purchase and strength. 

  • The clutch mount clamp triggers an e-stop in the event of a robotic collision, yet its new compact design allows for a larger working envelope
  • The solid mount clamp is available for clutchless models, offering the same increased working envelope
  • Two clamping screws ensure stability of the mounting arms
  • The mounting arm features a positive-stop keyway that precisely locates the key on the front housing whenever the MIG gun or components are replaced
  • Custom mounting arms available on request


Part NumberDescription
CACMClutch mount clamp for TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG guns
CASMSolid mount clamp for TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG guns

TOUGH GUN Mounting Arms

Part NumberDescription
CA2201Mounting arm for 22 degree short length neck (part # 405-22QC); 316 mm TCP
CA2202Mounting arm for 22 degree medium length neck (part # 405-22QCL); 350 mm TCP
CA2203Mounting arm for 22 degree long length neck (part # 405-22QCL1); 400 mm TCP
CA4501Mounting arm for 45 degree medium length neck (part # 405-45QCL); 350 mm TCP
CA4502Mounting arm for 45 degree long length neck (part # 405-45QCL1); 400 mm TCP
CA1801Mounting arm for 180 degree medium length neck (part # 405-180QC); 294 mm TCP

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