TOUGH GUN Cutter Blades

Reliable and Durable. Competitive pricing.

TOUGH GUN® cutter blades are designed for use with the TOUGH GUN TT4A or TT4E reamer and are engineered from harder, stronger material, making them more resistant to breaking, chipping or cracking.

Designed with stronger edges to allow for improved cutting and cleaning performance, these cutter blades are a perfect fit for your AccuLock™ R or TOUGH LOCK® consumables, and your budget.

  • Designed for improved cutting and cleaning performance
  • Harder material with stronger cutting edge
  • Increased resistance against breaking, snapping, chipping or cracking
  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Competitive pricing
  • Designed to the perfect fit for AccuLock R and TOUGH LOCK® consumables
  • A great addition to the TOUGH GUN® TT4A or TT4E reamer from Tregaskiss

Configurable — For Standard Duty or Heavy Duty Consumables

Part NumberDescription
RCT-015/8″ bore (configurable), single flute
RCT-041/2″ bore (configurable), single flute
RCT-133/4″ bore (configurable), double flute

Ordered Separately

Part NumberDescription
RCT-1615.5 mm Panasonic 350A, double flute
RCT-1716 mm Panasonic® 500A, double flute
RCT-1815.5 mm 10 tip Binzel® WH500T, double flute
RCT-20.850 Binzel, double flute
RCT-21Fronius®, double flute
RCT-D1313 mm Dinse®, double flute
RCT-D1515 mm Dinse, double flute
RCT-D1818 mm Dinse, double flute
RCT-D2121 mm Dinse, double flute
RC-01TR Reamer, 5/8″ bore, double flute
RC-04TR Reamer, 1/2″ bore, double flute
RC-06TR Reamer, 3/8″ bore, double flute
RC-08TR Reamer, .600″ Binzel (15.2 mm), double flute
RC-12TR Reamer, 3/4″ bore, double flute

Panasonic® is a trademark of Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd
Binzel® is a registered trademark of Alexander Binzel GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Fronius® is a registered trademark of Fronius International GmbH
Dinse® is a registered trademark of Dinse Inc.