Consumables for High Amperage Welding: What to Know to Minimize Downtime, Costs and Quality Risks

Image of MIG welding gun consumables including contact tips, nozzles and diffusers

Welding is a tough business requiring equally tough equipment. When it comes to high amperage applications that is especially true. Applications exceeding 300 amps generate a large amount of reflective heat from the arc, making it necessary to have front-end consumables — nozzles, contact tips and gas diffusers — that can withstand the course of welding, whether it’s a semi-automatic or robotic application. Such applications are particularly common in industries such as heavy equipment manufacturing, where the material thicknesses are greater and therefore require the higher amperages to create quality welds. In some automotive applications that employ robotic welding systems, amperages can also fall into that same high level. The right consumables can help in high amperage applications in a number of ways.

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