TOUGH GUN CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

October 31, 2014

Image of Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic MIG gun with 45 degree neck

Tregaskiss is pleased to bring you the TOUGH GUN® CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun. Designed for high-volume production environments, the TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun combines the most valuable product features of our TOUGH GUN G1 and G2 series platforms, along with performance improvements in our unicable technology that extends service life.

Fully configurable, TOUGH GUN CA3 MIG guns are engineered for precision, durability, accuracy, repeatability, minimal downtime and fast and easy maintenance.

  • New replaceable conventional unicable design offers extended service life (up to 2x) and ease of serviceability
    • New dual layer cable outer jacket, re-engineered cable guide and increased copper content contribute to extended service life
  • Re-engineered neck clamp improves durability and consistency of clamping force
  • Additional standard necks and mounting arms expand tool center point options and working envelopes
  • Direct replacement for TOUGH GUN G1 Series MIG Guns
  • Compatible with TOUGH LOCK® consumables and the QUICK LOAD® liner AutoLength™ system
  • Wire brake, air blast and TOUGH GUN I.C.E.® technology are available options