Welding contractor shares benefits of Bernard® Dura-Flux™ Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Gun

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Employees at Jolson Welding work on tough structural pile and pipe welding projects and have come to rely on the durability and comfort of the Bernard Dura-Flux self-shielded flux-cored gun to increase productivity.

“I like how the handle is shaped and how your hand fits around it. The gun contours your hand and glove, not cutting off the circulation to your fingers because of how they’re offset. The trigger guard isn’t too big to where your hands are hitting it or grabbing on everything. It’s just big enough to keep the trigger from getting hit and out of your way. This Bernard Dura-Flux gun’s got what they call a micro switch in it, so it’s a sealed switch. These are bulletproof. If you’re out in a dirty environment where laying on the ground all the time like ours it never gets any dirt or dust in it. It continues to work perfect all the time. The Centerfire is really nice because you don’t need tools to get the tip off.”