Jolson Welding discuss advantages of Bernard® MIG guns, flux-cored guns and consumables

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Owner of Jolson Welding, Bob Jolson, talks about the advantages of Bernard products in his welding operation. He discusses his favorite part of the Bernard Q-Gun™ semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun. “When I got with Bernard products and had this Q-gun made up for me with a flexible gooseneck. Which is really a major asset because we get into lots of tight places and tight spots. It’s really nice.”

Bob’s love for the Dura-Flux™ self-shielded flux-cored gun is very simple. “The reason why I like the Dura-Flux gun most important of all, I think, is the micro switch inside the trigger. I also like the little trigger guard here. My competitor’s gun they had this big old thing heat shield and basically it’s always in your way”

“As far as the tip wear goes like I was saying we get probably three to four more times or lifetimes on the tip and they basically they don’t wear out” Centerfire™ consumables has helped gain productivity for Jolson Welding.