DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – Select Reamer Stand Heights

In effort to maximize efficiencies and continue to focus on delivering sustainable value to our customers, effective December 20, 2023, we will be discontinuing a variety of reamer stands due to low demand and sales volume.

Part Number Description
RST-20Reamer stand, 20-inch
RST-22Reamer stand, 22-inch
RST-23Reamer stand, 23-inch
RST-27Reamer stand, 27-inch
RST-29Reamer stand, 29-inch
RST-32Reamer stand, 32-inch
RST-35Reamer stand, 35-inch
RST-40Reamer stand, 40-inch
RST-45Reamer stand, 45-inch

TOUGH GUN® reamer stands are still part of our product portfolio and will remain available, in heights between 18 and 36 inches in 6-inch increments.