NEW PRODUCT – Expanded AccuLock™ S Power Pin Offering

August 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the AccuLock S consumables system has been expanded to include new Lincoln®, Tweco® #4 and Tweco® #5 AccuLock S power pins. These three new power pins are also configurable options in our online BTB MIG gun configurator.

AccuLock S Power Pin with cap, Lincoln®
AccuLock S Power Pin with cap, Tweco® 4
Tweco® #4
AccuLock S power pin cap for Tweco #5
Tweco® #5

Part Numbers

Feeder ManufacturerAccuLock S Power PinAccuLock S Power Pin CapAccuLock S Power Pin CapAccuLock S Power Pin Cap
Tweco® #42200150220018322001842200209
Tweco® #52200157220018622001872200208

The AccuLock S consumables system is designed to address liner trim length errors and erratic wire feeding. The AccuLock S liner is locked and concentrically aligned to both the contact tip and the power pin without the use of fasteners, which provides a flawless wire-feed path that guarantees smooth, uninterrupted delivery of the wire to the weld puddle. Plus, the liner replacement process has been error-proofed so you can trim your liner accurately and easily every time, with no measuring.

Important Note:
The AccuLock S consumables system requires all AccuLock components: contact tip, diffuser, nozzle, liner, neck insulator, power pin and power pin cap.

Reduce troubleshooting, production downtime and rework with AccuLock S Consumables.