New 211-5-8 Extended Lever Switch

An improved switch design for Bernard® T-Gun™ MIG guns (formerly Tregaskiss® TOUGH GUN® semi-automatic MIG guns) is now available to improve the performance and the life of the extended lever switch over previous versions.

What Changed?

The switch casing design has been updated to allow for improved retention tabs between two switch halves, which also reduces the chance of switches tearing apart during use. This updated lever design is more robust with improved strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell the difference between the old version and the new 2011 design?

Our new 2011 switch is red (shown below in the comparison between current design and new 2011 design). 

Image of Bernard new 2011 switch that is red
Current design (top) vs.
New 2011 design (bottom)