Spray Containment

Image of a Tregaskiss spray containment

June 23, 2015

A perfect addition to the TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer

This innovative spray containment unit from Tregaskiss helps prevent air contamination by catching anti-spatter overspray in its sealed basin, improving the air quality of the working environment and maintaining the cleanliness of the weld cell.

Spray Containment Part Numbers

TS-1000-01for use with Tregaskiss® Heavy Duty (HD) Nozzles (excluding 3/4″ bore)
TS-1000-02for use with Tregaskiss Standard Duty (SD) Nozzles
TS-1000-03for use with Tregaskiss Heavy Duty Nozzles with 3/4″ bore
TS-1000-04for use with Tregaskiss Heavy Duty Bottleneck Nozzles
TS-1000-05for use with Tregaskiss Standard Duty Bottleneck Nozzles

Not sure what type of nozzle you have? Download the Tregaskiss nozzles spec sheet in PDF format.

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